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Strawberry Liquorice

Strawberry Liquorice

No one knows exactly what happened that fateful evening. Rumour has it, while whipping up his world famous traditional liquorice, Darrell Lea made a slight error on the recipe. The result? The softest and freshest liquorice he’d ever made! Unsure of what to do, he put it in a brown paper bag and went to the local market. To his surprise, the stock sold out. Hello Batch 37, you beautiful thing, you!

After seeing these spectacular results, we just had to make a strawberry flavoured liquorice using the same recipe, and once again, another Aussie favourite was created!

Our Batch 37 is a favourite all over the world due to it’s freshness and smooth, soft texture. With generations having grown up eating our mouth watering liquorice, it truly is an Australian classic!

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