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Delivery and Returns

Checking Out

Purchasing from Glader Distribution is easy.  Our website is simple to use.  Search the products that interest you and add them to your shopping cart then check out with out easy payment options which includes: Direct Deposit, with Master Card and Visa Card coming soon.

Ordering Issues

If you have issues checking out with Glader Distribution, please do not hesitate to email maitlandvrd@bigpond.com.  If you have a mistake with your order please either call or email us and we will be happy to assist you in re-ordering of editing the order.


Due to the sensitive nature of Glader Distribution products please refer to the important note below which outlines the way Glader Distribution sends out our deliveries.  Please ensure someone is at the address of delivery.  If delivery instructions are not specified and no-one is home when the package is delivered a re-delivery fee will be incurred.

Delivery should be between 5 and 14 working days

Please note that Glader Distribution will use either Australia Post or Fast Way Couriers.

Note- If an order is placed on a Thursday or Friday the order will not be sent until the next week to avoid our chocolates being exposed to various elements over the weekend or waiting in storage for delivery on the next working day.

Faulty products and Returns

Due to the strict food handling policy please remember we are unable to receive returns unless it is a “PRODUCT FAULT” so ensure you choose correctly the first time.

If you do receive a faulty product we will do our best to make it right, but you must ensure the following steps are taken so we can process your complaint and rectify the issue.

  • Contact us at maitlandvrd@bigpond.com within 2 days of receipt, this is so we can ensure that is a product fault and not tampered with.  Please include all relevant purchase details.
  • Confirm the product fault by returning the faulty product within 7 days of purchase.  We ask that it be returned in its original packaging and in the condition it arrived so we can assess and rectify the issue.
  • Once we confirm the issue is a product fault we will replace or refund the product as soon as possible.

Due to Glader Distribution Online strict rotation policy we are able to guarantee only the freshest products leave our doors.  If a product is returned to us, we cannot ensure that is safe and suitable for future customers and therefore we are prohibited from re-selling it.

Damaged or Lost Products

We use Australia Post and Fast Way Couriers.  Damaged or Lost products by Australia Post or Fast Way Couriers, do not count as a “Product Fault” but in the rare event that a product arrives damaged or does not arrive at all, please contact us in regards to the issue and we will assist you in locating the product or working out what went wrong.  Glader Distribution holds no responsibility for damaged or lost products by Australia Post or Fast Way Couriers, but in certain cases we may be able to offer a store credit or replace the products entirely if we believe we could have handled the deliver/packaging better.

Products that are damaged due to hot weather are also out of our control and in  most cases we will be unable to replace or refund the product, on the rare occasion we believe it is our fault (ie we could have shipped the product at a better time) we may be able to offer a reasonable solution.  Please note that melted or damaged product does not qualify as a “Product Fault” and we will do everything in our power to avoid it such as:

  • Hold on to a delivery for an extended period of time to ship it on a more temperature friendly day
  • Offer a pick up solution if we feel it is impossible to send.
  • Send the product with your approval with heat resistant packaging.
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